Data privacy statement

This data privacy statement of Universal-Job AG, (hereinafter referred to as „us“), informs you about some of our measures that will help to protect your privacy. We are aware of the significance of personal data entrusted to us and it is our duty to ensure the confidentiality of these data.

Please be aware that also you are responsible for the protection of the data you are entrusted with. If you provide us personal data of other people, please make sure that these know the present data privacy statement and be sure to only share them with us if you are allowed to and if these personal data are correct.

This data privacy statement is aligned with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in accordance with the Federal Act of Data Protection (FADP).


Universal-Job AG is responsible for the data processing that we do if nothing else is indicated in particular cases. Should you have any questions on this data privacy statement or the data protection of Universal-Job AG, kindly contact:

Universal-Job AG Datenschutzverantwortlicher Unterer Graben 29 8400 Winterthur Schweiz

EU representative:

Universal-Job Süd GmbH Eisenbahnstrasse 17 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

Processing of personal data


Personal data is information referring to an identified or identifiable natural person. We primarily process the personal data that we receive in the scope of our business relationship with our clients, candidates and other business partners from them and other people involved or that we collect while operating our websites, apps and other applications or their users.

We mainly process data from you that you directly give us. To the extent permitted and necessary, we also collect certain data from publicly accessible sources or receive such from companies affiliated to Universal-Job AG, from public authorities and third parties.

From third parties, we obtain data about you in particular through the following entities:

  • information from public registers,
  • information we gain in the context of administrative or judicial proceedings (in connection with administrative proceedings, also the reporting obligation of employment must be mentioned. We thus might possibly receive your data if you are registered with the RAV upon the report of an employment subject to reporting obligation.)
  • information in connection with your professional functions and activities,
  • information about you in written correspondence and meetings with third parties,
  • credit checks,
  • information about you that we obtain from people in your environment (family, advisors, legal representatives, etc.) in order to conclude or process contracts with you or with your involvement.
  • information from banks, insurance companies, distribution and other contracting partners of ours for the utilization or performance of services by you,
  • information about your person from media and internet,
  • Data in connection with the usage of the website (e.g. IP address, MAC address of smartphone or computer, information about your device and settings, cookings, date and time of visit, viewed pages and contents, used functions, linking websites, location information).

We primarily use the personal data collected by us to perform HR services and to conclude and process contracts with our clients and business partners, in particular within the scope of our personnel leasing and placement services. If you work for one of our clients or business partners, your personal data in this function might equally be subject to data processing.

Data of job seekers and candidates

If you are looking for appropriate employments using the search field „job search“, you enter the corresponding search term. In the job search with the search field, we save your IP address. If you use the application function and apply for an employment through our website, you may determine yourself which personal data you provide us for this purpose and what documents you wish to upload. The same applies to your job application using the form „spontaneous application“. Through your application, you conclusively consent to the processing of your personal data for the verification of the application as well as the disclosure of your data to the corresponding employer. Should we employ you or successfully recommend you to a client, the contractual performance justifies the data processing. Apart from that, a legal basis for the processing of data is given in Art. 328b CO and in the Recruitment Act (RecA) and its Ordinance (RecO). Should one area of our services not be covered by another ground of justification and we would like to further process your data, we always ask for your consent. Through your consent, we can keep and process your data also after the recruitment and employment process respectively after a successful assignment and thus optimally provide you our services and guarantee you the best possible service. Through a system with predefined organizational and technical processes, we may obtain your approval situationally within the scope of your application process or the provision of other services. With your consent, you expressly agree that we may save your personal data that you shared with us for the purpose of our personnel services (also beyond the end of the concrete recruitment and employment process), process (including contacting the contact details you shared with us) and disclose them to third parties in Switzerland and abroad (companies affiliated with Universal-Job AG as well as independent third parties). Your consent also extends to special categories of personal data referred to under Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

On our website, you have the opportunity to establish a personal profile. In doing so, you benefit from additional services that we freely provide you. The registration of your personal login on our website requires an email address. You may determine yourself if you wish to enter further personal details in your profile. Additionally, you may set up a job letter and manage watch lists. When you set up a job letter, you explicitly agree that we may send you customized job offers to your email address. You can unsubscribe from the job letter at any time. If you wish to apply for a job, you can enter the required personal details in a form and upload documents. The personal data you entered in your login shall be at your disposal for the duration of your login and shall be saved by us for this period of time. The personal data shall be definitely and irrevocably deleted if you delete specific data or your entire profile. Your data are also deleted if you specifically instruct us to do so or if we no longer need your data, if we aren’t legally obliged to keep them or if their processing doesn’t serve the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. If no legal basis is given for the processing of your data, we shall ask again for your consent if necessary.

To grant you optimum service, we regularly present our clients candidate profiles in the appropriate form. We thereby protect your data at any time. These profiles exclusively exist in anonymous form and no personal details such as name and address of the candidate are disclosed. The person behind such a profile can’t be identified by a third party.

On our website , we offer a free CV generator to interested parties. The data you enter for its set-up shall only be processed for the performance of this service. If you want us to save your CV, we kindly ask you to register via your login. You decide whether you wish to send us your CV for further processing. Should you send us your CV, we will ask you to consent to the above mentioned data processing. How we process your data in connection with the websites, you may read below.

Data of personnel seekers and clients

If you are in search of suitable candidates using the search field „personnel search“, enter the corresponding search term. In the personnel search through the search field, we save your IP address. Also as a client, you may register for your own login on our website. For the registration, an email address is required. You determine whether you wish to enter any further personal details in the profile. You can also decide which data you indicate when you indicate a vacancy using the form „request candidate“. In your profile, you can set up our free candidate letter. The personal data you submitted in your login shall be available to you for the duration of your login and shall be saved by us during this period of time. The personal data shall definitely and irrevocably be deleted if you delete specific data or your entire profile or instruct us to do so or if we don’t need your data anymore, aren’t legally obliged to keep them or if their processing doesn’t serve the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. If the personal data you provided us are in concordance with the data protection regulations, we shall process them for the purpose of service performance. Any data processing due to a recruitment or placement of a candidate has its legal basis in the corresponding contract with you and the candidate as well as in the RecA and RecO.

To optimally provide services with clients and candidates as well as for marketing purposes, we provide a bulletin to selected personnel seekers and clients if they are interested. This bulletin informs about our services and presents candidate profiles. We furthermore send out information in mini letters to selected clients if required. You can unsubscribe from these services at any time.

Data of website users

In connection with the usage of these websites, the IP address, location, operating system, bowser type etc. are being processed by default. The data processing is effected to guarantee the user-friendliness and provide you optimum service. We furthermore use data in connection with our websites to continuously improve our services. We collaborate with IT service providers in the field of our websites. Your data are saved and log files analyzed for relevant user guidance. The manner as well as the extent and the purposes of data processing in connection with the usage of our websites are described in the following chapters.

Further possible data processing

To the extent permitted and considered appropriate by us, we additionally process personal details from you and other persons for the purposes listed below. We only process data if there is a legitimate interest and guarantee their protection:

  • availability and development of our offers, services and websites, apps and other platforms on which we are present;
  • communication with third parties and processing of their requests (e.g. job applications, media requests);
  • verification and optimization of proceedings for requirement analysis for the purpose of direct customer approach as well as the retrieval of personal details from publicly accessible sources for the purpose of customer acquisition;
  • advertisement and marketing (including the running of events) as far as you didn’t decline the usage of your data (if you, being an existing client of ours, receive advertisement from us you may decline it at any time; we will then put you on a blocking list against further advertisement);
  • market and opinion research, media observation;
  • assertion of legal claims and their defence in connection with legal disputes and administrative proceedings;
  • avoidance and investigation of criminal acts and other wrongdoings (e.g. performing internal investigations, data analyses to fight fraud);
  • Safeguarding of our operations, in particular our IT, websites, apps and further platforms;
  • video supervisions to keep domiciliary rights and other measures for IT, building and investment security and the protection of our employees and other people and values entrusted to us (such as access controls, visitors’ lists, network and email scanner, telephone recordings);
  • Purchase and sales of business areas, societies or shares of companies and other corporate transactions and, related to this, the transmission of personal data as well as measures for business management and, to the extent necessary, to keep the legal and regulatory obligations as well as the internal provisions.

As far as you’ve given us permission to process your personal data for specific purposes, we shall treat your data within the scope of and based on this agreement as long as no other legal basis exists or is required.

You can always revoke such a consent. However, this won’t have any effect on any previous data processing.

Cookies / Tracking and other technologies in the context of the usage of our websites


To simplify and improve the usage of our websites, we use „cookies“ on our websites and other comparable techniques with which your browser or device can be identified. A cookie is a small file that is sent to your computer respectively automatically saved by your web browser on your computer or mobile device once you visit our website. If you visit the website again, we can thus identify you. However, the identification doesn’t provide us any knowledge about your person. Besides cookies that are only used during a session and deleted after your visit on our website („session cookies“), cookies can also be used to save user settings and other information over a certain period of time (e.g. two years) („permanent cookies“).

However, you have the possibility to choose a browser setting that does not accept cookies, only save them for a single session or delete them ahead of time. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. We use permanent cookies to better understand how you use our offers and contents so that we can present you customized offers (which can also happen on websites of other companies; however, other companies can only see that the same person who visited a specific site of ours also visited their website).

Certain cookies are used by us, others are used by contractual partners with whom we cooperate. If you block cookies, certain functionalities may be restricted or no longer usable. By using our website, you consent to the usage of such technologies. If you don’t want this, you have to adjust the settings of your browser respectively your email programme accordingly. Besides your consent, the usage of cookies is also particularly based on justified business interests such as the improvement, personalization and development of services, the commercialisation of new functions or products as well as the promotion of security.

Google Analytics

On our websites, we occasionally use Google Analytics from Google LLC in the USA, . This service allows us to measure and evaluate the usage of our website (not personalized). Also hereby, permanent cookies set by the service provider are used. The service provider does not obtain any personal data from us (and does not keep any IP address either), but can follow your usage of the website, combine this information with data of other websites that you visited that are also pursued by the service provider to use the gained knowledge for their own purposes (e.g. controlling advertisement). To the extent of your registration with the service provider, he knows you. The processing of your personal data by the service provider shall be his responsibility in subject to his data protection regulations. The service provider only communicates us how the website is used (no information about you personally).

Google AdWords

For our website, we further use the analytic service, Google AdWords, and within the scope of Google AdWords, the Conversion Tracking. In this process, GoogleAdWords deposits a cookie on your computer for the Conversion Tracking when you click on an advertisement published by Google. These cookies don’t serve personal identification. If you visit specific pages on our website, we and Google can recognize that you clicked on the advertisement and that you’d been directed to this site. The information acquired with the help of such cookies allows the establishment of statistics for AdWords clients that use Conversion Tracking. We learn from these statistics the total amount of users that have clicked on the advertisement published by Google and visited a site equipped with a conversion tracking tag. Further information on user conditions and data protection within the scope of Google AdWords you may find here:

Data transfer and transmission abroad

Within the scope of our business activities and the above mentioned purposes we disclose data to third parties to the extent permitted and considered appropriate by us, be it because they process the data for us or because they want to use the data for their own purposes. This applies in particular to the following institutions („recipients“):

  • service providers of us (internally: subsidiaries and/or affiliates as well as externally, e.g. banks, insurance companies, including clerks such as e.g. IT providers);
  • traders, suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners;
  • customers;
  • national and international public authorities, official or courts;
  • the public, including visitors of websites and social or other media;
  • competitors, industry organizations, associations, organizations and other committees;
  • acquirers or other parties interested in acquiring business units or companies;
  • other parties in potential or actual legal proceedings.

These recipients are in Switzerland as well as abroad. You must consider the transmission of your data into all countries in which Universal-Job AG is represented by group companies, branch offices or other offices as well as every other country where our business partners are located. When we send data into a country without any appropriate legal data protection, we provide an appropriate level of protection by implementing the corresponding measures or do it based on legal exceptions of consent, the contract processing, the assertion, exercise and enforcement of legal claims, predominant public interests, the published personal data or because it is required to protect the integrity of the people concerned. You can always request further information from us. However, we reserve the right to decline disclosure of sensitive data for reasons of protection of data and secrecy.

Duration of personal data storage

We process and store your personal data as long as this is required to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations or to fulfill the purposes for which the data processing was intended, that is e.g. for the duration of the entire business relationship (from the initiation, processing up to the closure of a contract) as well as beyond this, conforming to the legal obligations of storage and documentation.

It may thereby be possible that personal data are stored for the time in which claims can be asserted against our company and provided that we are legally otherwise obliged or if justified business interests require this (e.g. for evidentiary and documentation purposes). As soon as your personal data are no longer required for the above mentioned purposes or if you instruct us accordingly, they shall be in principle and as far as possible deleted or anonymised.

Data security

We protect your personal data through appropriate technical and organizational security measures and store them on secured servers. The website is secured by common measures, according to the state of the art of technology, against loss, destruction, manipulation as well as access, change and distribution by unauthorised persons. However, we assume no liability for the security of your data. it is your responsibility to always make an updated security copy of the transmitted data and keep it, regardless of the website.

Obligation to provide personal data

You are not obliged to provide us your personal data. However, it is almost impossible for us to collaborate with you and offer you our services if you don’t transfer us your personal data. Within the scope of our business relationship, we depend on the personal data that are required for the acceptance and completion of a business relationship and the fulfillment if its contractual obligations. Without these data, we won’t be able to conclude a contract with you (or the office or person you represent) or to process such. Neither can the website be used if certain information to ensure the data traffic (such as e.g. the IP address) is not disclosed.

Your rights

Within the scope of the data privacy law applicable to you and to the extent provided therein (as e.g. in the case of the GDPR), you are entitled to information, correction, deletion and restriction of data processing or otherwise you have the right to raise an objection against our data processing as well as the disclosure of certain personal data for the purpose of a transfer to another entity. However, please note that we reserve the right to assert the legally provided restrictions, e.g. when we are legally obliged to store and process certain data, have an overriding interest in it or need them to assert claims.

Should any costs arise for you, we will previously inform you. We have already informed you about the possibility to revoke your consent. Kindly note that the exertion of these rights may be in conflict with contractual agreements and that this could have consequences such as e.g. the premature cancellation of a contract or cause costs. In this case, we will previously inform you if this is not settled in the contract yet. The exertion of such rights usually requires clear identification (e.g. through a passport copy in those cases where your identity is not clear respectively verifiable).


We can adjust this data privacy statement at any time without prior notice. The updated version that is published on our website shall be applicable. As far as the data privacy statement is part of an agreement with you, we will inform you about any update or modification by email or in any other appropriate manner.

Version August 2018